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Fall Prevention

Injury and fall prevention continues to be a considerable challenge among all seniors. Falls are a life-threatening concern for older adults aged 60 years and above. A fall can significantly reduce one’s quality of life and ability to remain independent.

Revolutionary Technology for Healthcare Facilities

We have partnered with many different manufacturers to provide the most advanced technologies available to improve overall quality of life. With our years of research, we have found many cost effective solutions to fall prevention, incontinence, rehabilitation as well as patient monitoring.

Our healthcare system has to become more Proactive in its efforts to reduce falls and fall related injuries. We have brought together many revolutionary, yet cost effective, products that will aide in early warning and detection of such injuries.

At Predictive Health Devices, we help to complete the gap in our healthcare system by providing our research to hospitals and long-term care facilities to aid in their mission of finding intelligent and affordable decisions for the care and aftercare of our loved ones.

Many of our products offer low-cost No-Risk trials just to show our healthcare providers that the product really does make a difference in expedited recovery and low cost performance. Contact us for more information on how we can help your organization today.


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