Our Mission


For over 25 years our team through our parent company – Medical Nurse Training, INC. has been involved in the emerging healthcare area of Proactive and Predictive Healthcare. We consult with most top hospitals and healthcare organizations to provide fall prevention monitoring and advice on numerous valuable technologies to improve patient safety and risk. This approach has saved thousands of facilities millions of dollars in unnecessary rick and patient injury.

Our team is dedicated to reducing negative medical outcomes at home and in healthcare facilities, improving the continuum of care wherever necessary through Proactive and Predictive Medical technologies and integration of Artificial Intelligence creating in many instances a virtual caregiver. Our mission is to provide quality training to caregivers and our partners to insure the best solutions available.

We have partnered with many prestigious leaders in these fields to provide the most proactive, predictive, and game changing healthcare available following years of research. We would love to visit with you to share all of the new PowerPoints from the recent National Falls Conference.

LINQ FALL PREVENTION ALARM – Bed exit can be monitored centrally, silent alarm, enhanced PREDICTIVE CAPABILITY (AI), LOW COST remote monitoring and the quiet alarm continues room by room monitoring at nurses’ station, cell phones, and hallways.

CARE-COACH – Providing a LOW COST Certified Wireless Caregiver/Avatar via tablet, assisting patients and residents 24/7.

HIPHOPE – Multi-sensor smart wearable belt detects impending falls and sends messages to guardians, deployable air bags usable predictive reports, GPS emergency button.

HELO – Advanced Life Changing Wrist Wearable Monitoring System – Blood Sugar – HELO Extense totally non-invasvive, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, EKG, Breath Rate, Oxygen Level, Sleep Quality and many more included. Remote Alerts

TRIPLE-AIM – Medicare driven – CHRONIC CARE SERVICES(CCS) for PRIMARY CARE including telehealth and reimbursement services for systems and physicians.

VARIANT7 – Variant7 employs full-spectrum security training solutions to identify and neutralize complex threats directed at your hospitals. Leveraging skilled professionals and online laboratories, we ensure the safety of your assets through seven core services, emphasizing Red Team Operations and Cyber & Physical Security Training. Today’s cyber attacks enjoy a 25% global success rate, with an average haul of $3.8M. Allow us to put our elite military, cyber security, and classroom training experience to work for you.

CARE-LINE INC – 50 years, care line has provided high-quality products that increase patient satisfaction, aide staff efficiency and reduce soft costs. We manufacture and source the best possible products and fall prevention kits at the best possible prices, across the country and around the world.

TRAZER – Take the guess work out of fall prevention and protection, concussion and orthopedic assessment and recovery. Trazer has the most advanced rehabilitation technology improving outcomes and revenues. Trazer is used to establish both healthy and injured health baseline, assist in recovery/return-to-sport/life protocols and improve performance for patients ages 5 to 105.