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Care.Coach (Avatar Virtual Service Animal)

How it Works


Our avatars are powered by a team of health advocates who we hire and train. They are guided by complex sets of clinical protocols designed to reduce the risk of delirium, falls, and other adverse events, while providing psycho-social support to improve the patient experience and reduce burden on nursing staff.

Avatar Virtual Service Animal


 Each avatar checks in about 70 time per day to visually confirm patient well-being (not tugging on IV lines, getting out of bed, appearing uncomfortable, etc.), but care.coach goes far beyond simple monitoring. We proactively engage and converse with patients about family, prayer, music, hobbies, news, and other personal interests to build a relationship. This can even extend post-discharge to include chronic disease self-management or post-surgical self-care to reduce rick of readmission. 

Evidence-Based Delirium & Falls Mitigation


Results from a 95-patient study at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, NY, conducted by Pace University.

Wexler, S., and Drury, L. (2017). The Use of an Avatar Virtual Service Animal to Improve Outcomes in Hospitalized Older Adults. NICHE Conference, Austin, TX.