Fall Prevention is Possible!

            Injury and fall prevention continues to be a considerable challenge among all seniors. Falls are a life-threatening concern for older adults aged 60 years and above. A fall can significantly reduce one’s quality of life and ability to remain independent. According to the Center for Disease Control (2017), 3 million older people are treated in emergency departments for the fall injuries each year most in which could have been prevented with the proper fall prevention measures and over 800,000 patients will be hospitalized due to head and hip injuries. As a caregiver or healthcare professional, it is our duty to ensure that safety for senior health and wellness is the utmost priority by utilizing proper fall prevention measures and alarms. From 2007 to 2016 the fall death rate in the United States has increased 30% (CDC, 2017).

            Falls are not an inevitable part of aging and there are proven ways to increase fall prevention with the use of artificial intelligence and revolutionary alarms. The risk factors that can be managed include medication side effects, environmental hazards, and muscle weakness. Ensure medications are not causing side effects such as lightheadedness, sedation, visual impairments, or orthostatic hypo tension that increases one’s risk for falls. Environmental hazards that can be reduced include, but are not limited to, clutter removal, securing loose rugs, cleaning spilled liquids and foods, using non-slip mats in the shower, wearing properly fitting, non-skid shoes, and having adequate lighting. Additionally, one of the most important modifiable risk factors is staying physically active through senior health and wellness. Those seniors who are afraid of moving are more likely to experience a fall. Physical activity prevents muscle atrophy, improves balance, flexibility, and motor coordination (Mayo Clinic, 2017).

            For over 25 years, Predictive Health Devices, Inc. has been involved in the emerging healthcare area of proactive and predictive healthcare and fall prevention. Our team is dedicated to reducing negative medical outcomes in healthcare facilities and promoting senior health and wellness at home. Our mission is to ensure the best solutions available using the most predictive, proactive, game-changing technologies including revolutionary alarms and the integration of artificial intelligence following years of research. We have consulted with most top hospitals and healthcare organizations to provide fall prevention monitoring and advice on numerous valuable technologies to improve patient safety and risk. This approach has saved thousands of facilities, and the senior community, billions of dollars in unnecessary risk and patient safety. It is estimated the total medical costs for falls totaled more than $50 billion dollars last year (CDC, 2017).

            The latest technologies are going to be invaluable to seniors and their families for senior health and wellness. Some of the devices include wearable/inflatable hip protectors, revolutionary health and wellness smart watches, wireless fall prevention and exit alarms, and wireless artificial intelligent caregivers. These products aide improvement in self-care and provide ongoing guidance outside of a professional encounter. Each with a tracking platform that continuously collects patient data with abilities to transmit clinically valid objective data back to healthcare professionals and caregivers accentuating senior health and wellness. The real-time fall prevention devices allow for timely notifications of important indicators of concern regarding a patient’s status by utilizing revolutionary alarms. By enabling individuals with the latest health technology, they can live a healthier, safer and more active life.