Bed, Chair, and Toilet Exit Alarm

  • Wireless Bed Exit Alarm and installation = Low cost rental significantly saving overall alarm costs. Very nurse friendly!
  • 24 month battery life and free replacement with continuous status alerts
  • Customizable Reports – Predictive reviews of all patient status and response times provide discrete, customizable visual and audible cues of BCT exit activity including probability patient may attempt to exit
  • Continuous Room by Room Alarm Monitoring at Nurses Station, hallway monitors and smart phones, red green, yellow, indicating current red patient fall status.
  • Completely quiet alarm or voice alerts in 25 languages
  • Tracks usage by room number and time of monitoring response


Intelligent BCT Exit Alarm & HAC Compliance Monitoring

  1. Guarantee exit alarm equipment is available, functioning properly, and turned on 
  2. At any given time, clearly identify that the highest risk patients are being monitored
  3. Provide discrete, customizable visual and audible cues of BCT exit activity including probability patient may attempt to exit
  4. Measure exit alert response time
  5. Provide management a portal to view exit alert coverage, risk analytics, and fall monitoring policy compliance
  6. Capture and store all monitoring status changes for post fall forensics and continual education improvement
  7. Make the program low cost and nurse friendly


LinQ BCT Exit Alert Notification Solutions

Provides Centralized, Accurate Notification of Fall Risk 

  • Centralized Monitors Provide Color Coded Patient Risk Assessment Cue
  • Notification may not relate to current patient

Monitor Permanently Affixed in Room, Self Supervising

  • Always available for use
  • Always on
  • Automatically reports power loss, malfunction, or connectivity issue
  • Adapter Cord Connection to Hospital Nurse Call Not Required
  • Supports Bed, Chair, and Toilet Monitoring

Intelligent Exit Alert Monitor

  • Centralized Exit Monitoring Coverage
  • Centralized Exit Alert Notification
  • Browser Based Patient Risk Assessment and Room Monitor Settings Management
  • Exit Alert Duration and Escalation Notification
  • Predictive Exit Notification
  • Adjustable Nurse Response Requirement based on Patient Risk Assessment
  • More than 20 Patient Exit Voice Reminder Languages
  • Do Not Disturb Feature, No Alarms or Voice Notification in room
  • iSensor Pad Life Notification

Policy Compliance Management

  • Real Time Policy Compliance Metrics Displayed via Web Browser
  • Full featured Reports
  • All status changes, maintained in cloud storage for auditing and continual improvement

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