Proactive Health Products

The products available are as much predictive as they are proactive.

We offer everything from Smart wearable devices, to fall alarm systems.

We are generations ahead with our research and feel that it is time to start making a difference in how our health is cared for. It's time for our next generation technology to meet our current generation healthcare facilities.

We proudly stand behind each and every product we endorse and we want you to do the same. Put them to the test, many offer No-Risk trials.

Our team of professionals are eager to assist in any way, please contact us with any questions or concerns.



An AI-Driven, Predictive Analytics-Powered, Health, Safety, Security And Caregiver Notification System



SafeBeing ensures your loved one is in safe hands- even when you aren’t there.  

SafeBeing is a new 24x7 remote monitoring solution that’s cost-effective and easy-to use.

Tango Belt

Fall Prevention deployable airbag belt

The Tango belt is easy-to-wear, unobtrusive, and springs into action over the hips when sensors indicate a serious hip-impact fall.

We Sense

Incontinence Alarm

WE SENSE® recognizes wetness events in real time, alerting the caregivers as an incontinent product reaches capacity. 



An immersive VR system for Education, Assessment and Rehabilitation of Balance Impairment


Fall Prevention and Injury Rehabilitation

Take the guesswork out of fall prevention and protection, concussion and orthopedic assessment and recovery. 



Wireless Bed Alarm and installation = Low cost rental significantly saving overall alarm costs. Very nurse friendly!

VentTrax 360


VentTrax 360 is a cost effective wireless ventilation monitoring alarm annunciation and alarm compliance monitoring.