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About the Tango Belt

The Tango Belt was conceived on the simple belief that most hip fractures can be prevented.

Wearable Fall Prevention Technology to Save and Improve Lives

Hip fractures are identified as one of the greatest medical crises around the globe. Yet, while many fall management solutions have existed for decades, they’ve always created a tradeoff between mobility and safety. 

Hip pads are incredibly effective at preventing fractures, but are too obtrusive to everyday life and often go unworn. Likewise, bed alarms, wheelchairs, and other preventative measures discourage mobility and perpetuate a downward spiral in older adults.

Having been personally affected by this reality, the Tango team set out to find a better way to help senior citizens before, during, and after a fall - with a vision of making hip fractures a preventable condition and reversing this downward trend.

Through rigorous product development, the Tango belt was designed to determine serious hip-impacting falls prior to contact, giving it the ability to intervene by deploying airbag protection. Contained in an unobtrusive hip belt, this wearable technology provides proactive protection without constraint—mastering the tradeoff between safety and mobility, motivating seniors to be more active and stay that way.


How Tango Belt Works?

The Tango belt is an unobtrusive wearable that springs into action when sensors indicate a fall to provide proactive hip protection.

Detects a Fall 

“Motion in context” provides for highly accurate fall-in-progress detection

Deploys Airbag

The Tango belt reduces impact forces on the hip better than leading passive pads on the market

Alerts Caregivers

Caregivers are immediately notified via WiFi in the event of a detected fall

Manage Compliance and Track Performance

The Tango App

As an optional feature in the near future, the Tango belt will connect to our proprietary app that will empower caregivers to easily track wearer data, monitor performance, and deliver results. The app will securely store data and events in the cloud as well as track key mobility analytics over time including postural sway, gait speed, distance-over-surface, timed up-and-go, stride time variability, and composite fall risk.


The Concept Behind Tango Belt

Say What People Are Saying!

VP Clinical Services, Lorien

 “This could help improve patient health by promoting mobility…fear of falling is a very real risk factor.”

DOR, Mayview

 “[The benefit is] improving patient confidence, specifically in previous hip fracture patients who are scared to do rehab.”

DoN, Genesis

 “I have 30 something falls in a month. If I can prevent one hip fracture, it's good.

DoN, Bellehaven

 “If I could wrap my patients in bubble wrap, I would!”

DoN, Hillside Plaza

 “We’ve run out of options for fall protection.”

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“Your product could actually increase mobility while improving safety. I know of no other product that does that.” J. Maguire

“We’re looking for this product to be widely available on the market.” SVP of Innovation, large CCRC and Home Health provider

“We average 3 hip fractures a month across our facilities… saving at least one hip fracture a year could make this worthwhile.“ CEO, large CCRC provider 

“This could provide three different kinds of value for us: 1) liability reduction (getting lower insurance premiums), 2) injury reduction, and 3) as marketing tool.” CEO, large CCRC provider

“Now that we're responsible for these patients for 30-days after discharge, this may be even more beneficial.” Regional Director, large SNF provider

“This is not about protecting ‘little old frail me.’ This is about getting back the life that I’ve lost.

“It would mean a lot more freedom to do things” 

I find it very comfortable, had no problems… it worked great. And looking at my history of falling down and my balance problem, I’m looking forward to this being made commercial so I can get one, so it’s been a great experience”

“I was really surprised by how unnoticed it was.”

“It sits on top of your hips as you wear it, so the weight of carrying it is not difficult” (speaking to prospective pilot participants)

“No problem; less trouble than my seatbelt!” (when asked about buckle)

“[User] is brave and now leaves his walker behind.”

“My dog is my best friend, my belt is my second best friend.”

“Mobility is key for older adults, and this enhances mobility; it’s so dang important.”

“I don’t even know it’s there, I don’t even think about it.”

“My activity level increased. I had a goal of 1 mile per day, now I’m up to 2 miles per day!” 

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