There are critical steps that must be taken to assess one's balance. Here are some features the integrated system of UprightVr is able to provide while helping accurately assess and log critical UprightVR specific patient information.


UprightVR - Assess

Measure Balance Impairment

Data analysis and measurements through use of a balance board, VR headset, or mobile device allow for real-time diagnosis aids and recovery tracking. 

Included Rehabilitation Protocol and Customization

Use the provided protocol for assessment, or create your own protocol using our built-in GUI system.  Save and load your rehabilitation protocols for future use or generate keys to provide to participants or fellow testers.

Data Recording and Logging

All data is logged and integrated into our data analysis.  This logging allows you, the user, to access the data in its rawest format or to simply view the results of our analysis.

Tried and True Algorithms

Our analysis algorithms have been tested through numerous trials in multiple scenarios at our labs and in research.

Secure Storage

All results data is encrypted for HIPAA compliance and client security.