UprightVR is not just about the product, it's about helping others in the future. One way we plan to do that is through education.


UprightVR Educate

Real-Time Tutorials and Training

"UprightVR Educate" offers a way to train our clients on the software, real time, through tutorials and training scenarios in which our clients will act as the participant.

Teach and Educate

We can use interactive lessons to teach our users about the balance issues they are experiencing, or even the basics of the vestibular system through real-time lectures.

Image, Voice and Video Support

Lectures are separated into slides, which our users can freely switch between.  These slides can support images, voice-overs, and even video!  

Immersive Simulation

"UprightVR Educate" goes further than other education programs, by allowing the use of VR technology to simulate many of the visual or vestibular disorders patients may have.  Our users can experience things such as myopia, hemianopsia, double-vision, light sensitivity, and much more!